Founded by Mayena Group, the label Mayena Productions wants to bring you the best of tomorrow’s Hip-Hop and R&B stars by providing them with the industry’s finest tools.



This is made possible by Mayena’s interdisciplinary team, ranging from technological expertise to innovating marketing strategists. Mayena’s artists are provided with tailored support.


MASSASSI and KÔBA BUILDING, both heavy players in the pan African Hip-Hop scene, were the first to join the adventure, and we couldn’t be more pleased to showcase their talent with their latest albums:

- « La Pièce Maîtresse » from Massassi

- « 2030 » from  Kôba Building


Mayena Productions wants to uncover up and coming talents, and it with this idea in mind that we reached out to Hadji, our latest recruit. We are very much looking forward to the release of his first album.

Mayena Productions is already gaining traction and our label is getting some serious love from the fans. We want to redefine tomorrow’s music.


Who shall be the next artist to join our label?

History will tell…